Feather, n.

On a horse, a sort of natural frizzling of the hair, which, in some places, rises above the lying hair, and there makes a figure resembling the tip of an ear of wheat.


Lights, n.

The lungs; the organs of breathing in animals. These organs in man we call lungs; in other animals, lights.


Adnata, n.

Such parts of animal or vegetable bodies, as are usual and natural, as the hair, wool, horns; or accidental, as fungus, mistletoe, and excrescences.


Riot, n.

The definition of riot must depend on the laws. In Connecticut, the assembling of three persons or more, to do an unlawful act by violence against the person or property of another, and not dispersing upon proclamation, is declared to be a riot. In Massachusetts and New Hampshire, the number necessary to constitute a riot is twelve.


Smutty, a.

Tainted with mildew; as smutty corn.


Sob, n.

A convulsive act of respiration obstructed by sorrow.


Life, n.

In a general sense, that state of animals and plants, or of an organized being, in which its natural functions and motions are performed, or in which its organs are capable of performing their functions. A tree is not destitute of life in winter, when the functions of its organs are suspended; nor man during a swoon or syncope; nor strictly birds, quadrupeds or serpents during their torpitude in winter. They are not strictly dead, till the functions of their organs are incapable of being renewed.


Exhalation, n.

That which is exhaled; that which is emitted, or which rises in the form of vapor; fume or steam. Exhalations are visible or invisible. The earth is often dried by evaporation, without visible exhalations. The smell of fragrant plants is caused by invisible exhalations.


Sleep, n.

That state of an animal in which the voluntary exertion of his mental and corporeal powers is suspended, and he rests unconscious of what passes around him, and not affected by the ordinary impressions of external objects.

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